About The Office

We care about your smile

Today, a visit to the dentist can still cause some anxiety. This can be reacted to fear of pain, high costs and mistrust of the dental provider. Our goal is to address these concerns. We begin by creating very pleasant environment from the moment you walk in. Our newly renovated office is both charming and modern. Our dental chair is exceptionally comfortable and we offer a soft pillow with a disposable cover to be placed under your head. We also provide “laughing gas” for more sensitive patients.

After a thorough examination, Dr. Sarkisian will present a complete treatment plan with options will include all dental needs, fees and time required. We offer payment plans at no Interest for extensive dental treatments. Our goal is to deliver top-quality dental care and to have our patients understand the treatment they need. We take pride in Informing our patients in dentistry and helping them make appropriate decisions concerning their oral health. We emphasize having a healthy mouth, as well as, a beautiful smile.

Common dental Conditons and suggestions:

If you have any of the following dental conditions we may have some suggestions:

You are the lucky one! Keep on with good oral hygiene and visit dental office for a regular check ups and cleanings

You need see a dentist as soon as possible.
You may need:
1. Antibiotics
2. Root canal treatment
3. Tooth extraction

You may need:

1.Dental cleaning

2.Teeth whitening

3.Bonding/or white fillings

4.Laminates (veneers)

You may need:

1. Clear aligners

2. Braces


4 Dental crowns

You may need:

1.Dental fillings

2.Dental crowns.

3 Root canal treatment

4.Dental extraction

You may need:

1.Dental implants

2.Dental bridges

3 Removable prosthesis(denture)

You may need:

1.Regular teeth cleaning.

2.Deep teeth cleaning(scaling and root planing)

3 Gum surgery.

4. Antimicrobial medications

You may need:

1.Periodontal (gum) plastic surgery

2.Botox injection(for hyperactive lip)

Most likely you will need extraction of the wisdom tooth/teeth 

You may need:

1.Mouth(night) guard

2.Muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory medications

3.Selective teeth reshaping

4.Restoration of proper occlusion (bite)

You may need:

1.Use toothpaste design for sensitive teeth 

2.Professional application of the desensitizing agent


4.Gum surgery(if sensitivity is due to severe gum recession)

 You may need: 

1. Bonding.

2.Gum surgery.

3.Night guard (if recession is due to grinding).

4.Orthodontic treatment (if recession is due to malpositioned teeth).