Common dental Conditons and suggestions:

If you have any of the following dental conditions we may have some suggestions:

You are the lucky one! Keep on with good oral hygiene and visit dental office for a regular check ups and cleanings

You need see a dentist as soon as possible.
You may need:

1. Antibiotics

2. Root canal treatment

3. Tooth extraction

You may need:

1.Dental cleaning

2.Teeth whitening

3.Bonding/or white fillings

4.Laminates (veneers)

You may need:

1. Clear aligners

2. Braces


4 Dental crowns

You may need:

1.Dental fillings

2.Dental crowns.

3 Root canal treatment

4.Dental extraction

You may need:

1.Dental implants

2.Dental bridges

3 Removable prosthesis(denture)

You may need:

1.Regular teeth cleaning.

2.Deep teeth cleaning(scaling and root planing)

3 Gum surgery.

4. Antimicrobial medications

You may need:

1.Periodontal (gum) plastic surgery

2.Botox injection(for hyperactive lip)

Most likely you will need extraction of the wisdom tooth/teeth 

You may need:

1.Mouth(night) guard

2.Muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory medications

3.Selective teeth reshaping

4.Restoration of proper occlusion (bite)

You may need:

1.Use toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth 

2.Professional application of the desensitizing agent


4.Gum surgery(if sensitivity is due to severe gum recession)

 You may need: 

1. Bonding.

2.Gum surgery.

3.Night guard (if recession is due to grinding).

4.Orthodontic treatment (if recession is due to malpositioned teeth).